Winter Bike 2 Work day!

I do this at least two times per year. I first reported it HERE and then over THERE. Looks like I did again. But I didn’t try to hit every booth. Here’s a few I did hit in the morning:

New Belgium Brewing

Actually it was better than last year I think. Maybe they read my complaint. YES, no more of those damn breakfast burritos.

They had eggs and sausage

Duncan Madog Approves!

This winter I had Madog in tow and he got to eat a sample of each breakfast. I think he really liked what New Belgium served, but he seems to like any kind of food anyway!

Breakfast Burritos?

Oh well, somebody had to have ‘em. It was the Wright Life, in Old Town Fort Collins. It’s an “Alternative Sports Store”  that sells stuff like glowing Frisbees so you can play Frisbee golf at night.

Who sponsors this?

It’s good old Bike Fort Collins,  and FCGOV, of course

Lee’s is always a good bet

and here’s Recycled Cycles on South Mason

They had blueberry pancakes.

It was a good winter ride; At 7:00 am the temperature was about 37 and by 9:30 am it hit 42 degrees. Duncan really enjoyed the ride and he got to play with his friends in the dog park for about an hour after breakfast to work off some calories.

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