Point: RAMS !!!

Hey, this is not Hughes Stadium:

Penney Farthing Ram

Bikes of New Belgium

Big Screen TV

Playing Field

CSU Security

If I get a free ticket to a game, I may go. This year there is some pre-game entertainment that I will try to make (It’s FREE!) however so far there have been other things happening around town. There’s still time, right? No problems with the stadium except maybe the concession stands had long lines (so I heard) but so far the Rams are winning so it was money well spent. Right?

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O’Flaherty’s Again

Maybe 23 years ago (or more, I don’t remember):

Left Handed banjo Jim in front of O’Flaherty’s Pub in Dingle, Ireland

We were staying at a B&B in the town of Dingle, Ireland and were with friends Pietro and Allison at the time. We stopped in the pub called O’Flaherty’s and had a great evening jamming with the local musicians including two young lads who both played the Irish bagpipes (known as Uilleann pipes) and although the boys spoke only “The Irish”, we were able to create some entertaining music. I drank much of the Guinness that night provided free via the patrons. The banjo I am holding is not the RAGBRAI banjo as it would be years before I took to riding along the cornfields of Iowa. This was the banjo that I made from a “Baseball bat Blank”, I recognized it from the white plastic peg head. I made this banjo when I worked at Chicago Extruded Metals Company maybe around 1975?

Jim and the RAGBRAI banjo in front of the same pub!

Same sign, maybe a new paint job, but it’s still there! We were staying in Kilarney so we couldn’t stay for the evening. I wanted to just get the above photo-op so when we parked in town I asked a local for directions to O’Flaherty’s. He (the local) said I should go to some other pub because this one was too commercial, but I insisted that this was a reunion of sorts so I thanked him for the directions and we found the place maybe 4 blocks from where we parked.

When I walked in, the place seemed much smaller than I remember but perhaps it was because there were video cameras, lights and microphones everywhere! I think maybe they were going to film a commercial or something on the day of my visit. Oh well, at least I got a picture of me in front of the place.

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Some Irish Travel Pix

I may put some comments on these… If I have time.

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Ross and Innisfallen

In Kilarney:

Ross castle

There’s this big national park in Kilarney and on this day of our visit we had the most beautiful weather. And while this was the high tourist season, there were not that many people in the park.

Boat out to the island

OK, see there are some tourists, but not many of them took the boat out to the island.

Banjo on the island

At the abbey ruins on Innisfallen Island it seems that we had the whole place to ourselves. We took some paths around the island and finally saw some other people who were lost (sort of like us).

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Queen Mary Too

Getting to ‘Yerp, not on a plane:

Why not take an ocean voyage?

On one of those stuffy UK ships named after royalty. Our plan was to meet Jeanne’s cousin someplace in Ireland. We thought of doing a cruise maybe to Norway but instead chose an Atlantic crossing: Actually a bit cheaper (maybe) than flying, More legroom too!

Formal nights

Never get to wear the tux in Colorado. On the ship there were three formal nights so I got to loose 25 lbs before sailing so I could fit in. The tux.

Ragbrai Banjo was there

Note that I am not in Iowa; I played on the ship on “12 Forward” in an area protected from the wind. I also played at the ship’s talent night which included ballroom dancers, saxophone player, a few singers and a Willie Nelson impersonator.

Jeanne got to color!

For most of the crossing the weather was cool and foggy. The thick fog prevented us from seeing much out of our balcony stateroom and the cool temps kept us away from the pools. The entertainment on board was wonderful however.

QE2 Music

The was in the “Queen’s Room” but there was an entertainment stage with high tech features including an area for doing a “Dome Show” like at our museum back in FoCo.

High Tea

With all the entertainment on board, we usually skipped lunch and instead headed for the “High Tea” . The crossing took 7 days from New York to Southampton, UK.

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HUB Grand Opening

Hub Grand Opening

The link above gets you to the YouTube video of the FCCH Grand Opening!

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Alexandria Party!


The above “MedFest” link should take you to the dancers video at the 2017 Colorado Medieval Festival with music from the Alexandria Ensemble.

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We did FoCoMX again this year. Who did we see?

The Symbols, Matt Skinner Band & Idlewhile

The Happy Dapples, Futuba, plus Halden Walford and the High Beams

Twirling Zucchini Trio, Post Paradise, Grant Farm

Danielle ate the Sandwich and Endron

Another great showing of our local music community, and we were out late for two nights in a row!
This year’s list of entertainers:
12 Cents For Marvin
The Patti Fiasco
The Burroughs
Danielle Ate the Sandwich
The Holler!
Gasoline Lollipops
Musketeer Gripweed
Colony Funk
Slow Caves
Mama Lenny and the Remedy
Maxwell Mud
Stella Luce
Wendy Woo Band
Michael Kirkpatrick
Shaley Scott
Wasteland Hop
Write Minded
The Velvet Rope
Post Paradise
Guerrilla Radio
American Blackout
Matt Mahern and Constitution
The Commoners
Home Fried Boogaloo
Lindsey O’Brien Band
Choice City Seven
Elise Wunder
Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene
Maxwell Hughes
Cary Morin
Ginger Whale
The Honey Gitters
One Flew West
The Swashbuckling Doctors
Gora Gora Orkestar
The Seers
The Aggregates
Colorado Swing Big Band
Switchman Sleepin’
Halden Wofford and the Hi Beams
Guerrilla Fanfare
Charlie Brown Sweater Face
The Grant Farm
The Hollow
The Symbols
The Violet Tides
The Echo Chamber
Sour Boy, Bitter Girl
Cool Hand Juke
The Dead Jam House Band
FunkyTunk Heroes
HYZENBORG one man laser bass show
Kind Dub
Strange Americans
The Velveteers
Waido Experience
Bevin Luna
Matt Skinner Band
Mike Yob
shark dreams
The Alcapones
Dan Treanor and the Afrosippi Band
Fale: African Drum and Dance
Other Black
Amy and the Peace Pipes
I Am the Owl
Manabi Salsa Band
Robert Wilson Blues Band
Señorita Sometimes
vee device
Blind Alley Troubadours
Lois and the Lantern
Dave Beegle
G’Jai’s Jook Joint
Grace Kuch Band
Out of Ink
Eli Slocumb & Grace Kuch
The Happy Dapples
Liz Barnez
10¢ Stranger
Peace Officer
Wolf van Elfmand
The Blues Dogs
Canyon Collected
John Magnie
John Magnie’s Honky Tonk Band
Boat Drinks
The Dendrites
Ginny Mules
Johnny & The Mongrels
More Than Physics
My Blue Sky
Open to the Hound
Shannon Fitzsimmons
Attack on Venus
The Covz
Crispy Watkins and the Crack Willows
Dee Tyler
Emma Marie
The Gremlins
Last Call Romance
Magic Cyclops
Marti & the Dads
Morning Bear
The Ugly Architect
Bryan Thomas and the Mercenaries
Earth Like Twins
The Great Aerodrome
Jeremy C. Grant
Mirror Fields
Places Back Home
The Prairie Scholars
String Theory
Dave Dardine and Cowboys Dead
Mono Verde
Smooth Beethoven
Square Peg
Twirling Zucchini Trio
Benjamin Bell
Brian Kittrell
King Eddie
The Longest Day of the Year
Loud Mary
Machet powered by Roots Massive
Nice Hat, Mister
Tyler T.
The 14ers
Antonio Lopez
Art Deco
Elyse Miller
Indigenous Peoples
King Cardinal
The Kity Project
Lehne Leverette
Lineage Music Project
Many Mountains
Meadowlark Jivin
Nancy Just
Papa Juke
Pictures of Moss
Poet’s Row
The Seen and Unseen
South To Cedars
Thin Air Crew
Autumn Burn
The Bardots
Bethel Steele
Bill Smith
Bluegrass Patriots
Grant Sabin and the Juke Joint Highball
the Lollygags
Saphyre Rain
Tom Scharf & Penguin Rodeo
A Brother’s Fountain
Brian Johanson
CROMA Barn Dance
DJ Matt Kays
Justin Roth
Maya Bennett
ANIMAL / object
Eef and the Blues Express
Equally Challenged
Erik Lunde
Follow The Fox
Rudie Clash
Saints Of Never After
Taggart & Silas
Wood Belly
DJ Full Metal
Grayson County Burn Ban
Matthew Wilburn Skinner
New Ben Franklins
The Parlor Pickers
Rejekted Kauses
Rodney James & the High Gear Daddies
T-Band Bluegrass Show
Devin Doucet And The Derailers
Drifting West
Eric Straumanis
The Honky Long Tonkers
J Shogren Shanghai’d
Jaanvi Gurung
The Jamesons Duo
Lineage Music Studio Students
Lorna’s Swingset
Los Guyz
Michelle Petrie
The River Arkansas
The Tight
Wyvern Spire
Cable Ten
Clouds & Mountains
The Colorado Green Band
Endless Monster
Josh Vogeler
Last Nerve
Monocle Band
Natalie Tate
The Pickin’ Pear
Rosann Winn
Ryan Fourt & Katie Harris
Alex Knox
Dj Jimeni
Nearby Liars
The Tailgate Rockstar Band
Adam Lopez and his Rhythm Review
Andrew DeCarlo
Get Along
Love Muscle
Men of Letters
Uncle Cuz
Adrienne O
Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart
Black Mesa
Folk with a Vengeance
Mike McGraw
Ragged Union
Sam Burns
Vertical Arrays
Blue Canyon Ritual
Boom Twang
Brian Villers
Deejay Gyro
Edie Carey
Plume Varia
Shane Burke
Streamline Cannonball
4H Royalty
Jake Edwards
Levi Bronson
Mandi Lix
Mr. Marty
Reason the Citizen

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Another Left Handed Banjo Player in town!

I brought my bass banjo to the grand opening of the Cloverlick Banjo Shop in Fort Collins!

Hey look! It’s Mark Austin playing the big banjo!

Mark is the owner/operator/builder at the Cloverlick Banjo Shop. The Cloverlick shop has moved from Wisconsin to Fort Collins to make custom banjos because why not? Colorado is banjo country!

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Bloco is back in the park

Maybe some new people added?

Bloco em Foco starts up Monday in the park

The best samba band in Fort Collins is working on getting their normal First Friday outings by rehearsing in City Park every Monday in 2017!

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