Big Maker Faire

The local DIY yearly event was called a Mini Maker Faire; We now hit the BIG TIME! We are not mini anymore!

Lots of robots

High Vac Equipment

.50 cal machine guns

Steam Punk

Information overload in two days. This thing should be a week long.

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Rosemary’s farm

It’s where we had our first samba instruction from Marcus Santos:

No Samba this time

We came as the Alexandria group to play for the local dancers at the Art in the Farm or was it an Artisan Fair or something like that.

The dancers loved the live music

Well, maybe not some of our strange 13 beat time signatures; Next time we will warn them when that happens!

Don’t remember this group’s name

I think they were new to Fort Collins. Anyhow, it seemed like they all had a great time. Rosemary’s farm is called the Laughing Buck Farm, located on the north side of town.

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People with their corgis. Duncan was there, but he was not being very photogenic today.

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I think this was called Hops and Rods:

The Rods

Last Call Romance

Trixon Drums

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Did it ever leave?

Ready for the Tour De Fat

Some rather complicated gears

Not a bicycle

The BLOCO Band!

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COMIC. CON. 2017

FoCo Comic Con


We (at the HUB) helped build this box. I painted it blue. We placed it at the comic con location and left it there. Where it is now, I have no idea.


Playing a base banjo


Representing a character I don’t recognize, but she wore black contact lenses, something I can’t imagine doing. Also. played a base banjo.

Woman with horned helmet

Playing a base banjo, why not?

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Point: RAMS !!!

Hey, this is not Hughes Stadium:

Penney Farthing Ram

Bikes of New Belgium

Big Screen TV

Playing Field

CSU Security

If I get a free ticket to a game, I may go. This year there is some pre-game entertainment that I will try to make (It’s FREE!) however so far there have been other things happening around town. There’s still time, right? No problems with the stadium except maybe the concession stands had long lines (so I heard) but so far the Rams are winning so it was money well spent. Right?

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Picknick time at Boyd Lake State Park:

Boyd Lake beach is more clay than sand

The clay is easy to find and sample. Just watch out for various bird (and people) droppings. You might think the clay would be good for making  DIY pottery, perhaps?

Clay test pieces

These are what I would call “Raw Boyd Lake Clay” in that the material was never processed to remove the sand and bird shit or whatever might be in the clay before rolling it into the shapes seen above.

Hot Kiln, up to 1800 deg. F.

This is  a small kiln the HUB got free. It’s small, but it was free, so we took it.

Cooked out Clay

The clay samples are shown above, each taken out of the kiln at a temperature listed below (I needed to put this data someplace, and it shows how long it takes the kiln to get up to temperature.

Kiln test, start time 9:58 AM

TIME            TEMP Dec. C         Samples

10:04                200                     one, band #1 greenware color

10:12                 400                     two, dand #2 red with dark spots

10:18                 500                     one, band #3 red, reduced dark spots

10:26                 600                    one, Band #1+, bright red, no sport

10:40                 700                     one, band #2+, as above

10:59                 800                     one, Band 3+, as above

11:39                  900                      two, unmarked, dark drown

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The Soup, Again


With Duncan Madog

Remember back in 2009, in the old blog there was this soup can at the UCA? Well, it’s still there. Today however, I somehow made a connection that I had forgotten all these years. It seems the Campbell Soup Company was instrumental in setting my career path toward a future in robotics, if a spectacular short future at that, but none the less, the deed was done. Maybe someday I will tell you about it.

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O’Flaherty’s Again

Maybe 23 years ago (or more, I don’t remember):

Left Handed banjo Jim in front of O’Flaherty’s Pub in Dingle, Ireland

We were staying at a B&B in the town of Dingle, Ireland and were with friends Pietro and Allison at the time. We stopped in the pub called O’Flaherty’s and had a great evening jamming with the local musicians including two young lads who both played the Irish bagpipes (known as Uilleann pipes) and although the boys spoke only “The Irish”, we were able to create some entertaining music. I drank much of the Guinness that night provided free via the patrons. The banjo I am holding is not the RAGBRAI banjo as it would be years before I took to riding along the cornfields of Iowa. This was the banjo that I made from a “Baseball bat Blank”, I recognized it from the white plastic peg head. I made this banjo when I worked at Chicago Extruded Metals Company maybe around 1975?

Jim and the RAGBRAI banjo in front of the same pub!

Same sign, maybe a new paint job, but it’s still there! We were staying in Kilarney so we couldn’t stay for the evening. I wanted to just get the above photo-op so when we parked in town I asked a local for directions to O’Flaherty’s. He (the local) said I should go to some other pub because this one was too commercial, but I insisted that this was a reunion of sorts so I thanked him for the directions and we found the place maybe 4 blocks from where we parked.

When I walked in, the place seemed much smaller than I remember but perhaps it was because there were video cameras, lights and microphones everywhere! I think maybe they were going to film a commercial or something on the day of my visit. Oh well, at least I got a picture of me in front of the place.

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