Today Loveland, Tomorrow Berthoud!

I think this has been in the works for 9 years?

A bike path between FoCo and Loveland!

And it only cost 1.2 million dollars! It’s really not too long a trail, but it does have a nice crossing light

It will get you to the Boyd Lake trail and from there to the center of Loveland.

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The Hub Abides

The Hub has an expansion plan:

Tentative plan

Looks like the current pallet racks might move 3 feet South (bottom left section) but with an expander metal and wood working area. The top right section is for storage and co-creator spots and the lower right will have a clean area for classes, laser cutting and 3D printing.

Floor area looking toward the air compressor

Floor area looking toward the office and bathroom

So Zach had mostly moved out and next week we should be cleaning and painting the walls. Look for the updates when we have it finished!

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Duncan & hoar frost

The conditions were just right in the park to create these ice crystal structures:

It’s called “Hoar Frost”

I was going to call them ice dendrites but when I checked on Google it appears that ice dendrites are a bit different than hoar frost. Only the trees in the center of the park had these formations. No trees near the houses or roads had them. Micro climate.

Corgi Stink Eye

Not quite, but Duncan does not do stink eye, at least when a camera is pointing at him

The last of the Corgi Chow

Probably would not matter if the bag had a picture of a corgi on it. Corgi eats anything and everything.

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The Blog is 10 Years old today!

Now, let’s make some magic wands:

Using a small lathe, the shapes get formed, each one a bit different than the last.

Insert small wires in the ends so they can hang freeley

Now hang them in a finishing box and let them dry

Get the wands ready. Remove the wire hangers and deliver them to the Dragon’s Ball

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Drummers Lost in 2017

A Memorial to our friends we lost in 2017

Halim El-Dabh

He was the composer of the “Symphony of 1000 drums” which we played sometime in August, 2008 (See HERE) . Halim was a professor of music at Kent State and an early inventor of electronic forms of music known as Musique concrète.

Bob Harper

Bob showed up at one of my drum circles in suburban Chicago and became a regular (I’m assuming it was because he lived close to the circle). A drummer for most of his life, he was one of  the members of a Chicago band called The Shadows of Knight, a band well known after recording the Van Morison cover GLORIA.

You will be missed.

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The Big Three have to go (sorry)

The super tall Populus trees on the south-west side of the house:

One of the trees was dead and another was on the way soon

A local tree service parked on the FRCC parking lot and reached over the fence to take down sections of each tree

A nice day to cut these tall trees.

Duncan checks out the logs where squirrels used to run

A similar tree went down next door during some wind gusts and smashed part of a neighbors house so it was only a matter of time that we would experience a similar fate. Strange, I don’t miss these trees as much as I thought I would.

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Laser Hub Update

The big laser is being played with to some extent:

We got the buttons, joystick and analog current meter installed!

So far the operation is via manual control and individual commands from the computer but soon these colored buttons will allow the user to place the laser beam exactly where they want it and then move it where they want, when they want. Think the 007 movie  Goldfinger and the famous lines: “Do you expect me to talk, no Mr. Bond I expect you to die.”

And Mr. Wallace is back from Scotland to get the next upgrade completed.

Laser Web served up on a Beaglebone

… whatever that means.  A claymore refers either to the Scottish variant of the late medieval two-handed sword or the Scottish variant of the basket-hilted sword.

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CAM, the RAM?

No, just a lesson on the HUB’s MIlling Machine

Steve placing in the bit

Center punching the location of the hinge

Suseth making a whole lot of wood chips

Today we learned how to use the wood milling machine. I forgot what we were making but the machine made a lot of noise and sawdust.

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Ween Town

That time of year…

Evil Clown Pair

Organ Playing Giraffe

The usual Halloween stuff. You know this town loves to wear costumes. I’ll just leave these two pictures without any explaination.

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Big Maker Faire

The local DIY yearly event was called a Mini Maker Faire; We now hit the BIG TIME! We are not mini anymore!

Lots of robots

High Vac Equipment

.50 cal machine guns

Steam Punk

Information overload in two days. This thing should be a week long.

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